Hey!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to meet the face behind Candice Baker Photography!

I am a mother to two beautiful little girls. One is a sweet, old soul like her Daddy, the other is spunky, sassy, and knows what she wants just like her Mama. I'm a wife to an amazing, hardworking, loving man. With their love and support I've been able to make my dream of being a photographer a reality and I couldn't ask for anything more. We moved to Colorado almost 5 years ago (Chicago native) and decided this was where we would plant our roots and raise our little family.

Photography has always been a huge part of my life. In highschool I would spend hours in the darkroom developing my work and I loved every moment of it! I've been capturing beautiful memories ever since. I really enjoy being able to capture the magical moments in people's lives, since everyone and everything is always changing, what better way to freeze time then with pictures that last.

When I am not behind my camera you can find me obsessing over babywearing my kids (WEAR ALL THE BABIES)! I love everything Essential oils and making everything from dryer balls and lip balm to bug spray and lotions with them. I have a secret love for country music and am recently listening to the latest Lucero album on repeat.. I LOVE COFFEE! I need it to survive and I drink it like water. When I am not doing any of the above, I'm usually hanging out with my family, playing outside with the kids and our Husky (my 3rd child), making shampoo and body wash, or just kicking back watching movies (I'm a die hard Adam Sandler fan).


 Thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know me! I look forward to working with you and capturing beautiful memories of you and your family!

-Candice Baker