Three going on sixteen...

Yesterday was my oldest daughters birthday. She turned three. What an age! It is filled with lots of laughs. giggles and funny sayings. I really have the best conversations with my three year old, and they never get old! She is really set on "turning 16" so that she can drive our car. Right now, that is her biggest goal and I love that, because one day her biggest "goal" won't be so easy to fulfill. She's growing so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were in the hospital and I was holding her in my arms for the first time. It's so crazy that she is now this little person with opinions, stories and fun silly ideas. I know our cuddling days are becoming more limited. I know she won't always be so eager to tell me everything that has happened. Though I hope she will always come to me for advice, I know that sometimes, she may not, and I hope the advice she is given is good advice. As they grow older, the world becomes harsher, no matter how much we try and shield them and try our hardest to keep the world a positive place. I know she is only three but I'm dreading the day where she is sent out into the real world and I can't be with her every second (even watching from afar). It's an exciting, yet frightening moment when you realize your baby is growing up so quickly. Have fun, hold them close and love like there is no tomorrow! This is for you Maddie.

Dream big, follow those dreams and love with all your heart!

Happy 3rd Birthday sweetheart.