A Bitter Sweet Goodbye

CThis is one of those bitter sweet stories! I met this beautiful family when my oldest started her big girl gymnastics class (the one where she doesn't need me in there anymore). Every Tuesday morning all us moms would show up, coffee in hand, and see our older kids off to class while we waited with our younger children outside that glass window. After several mornings of talking, Tuesday become more then just gymnastics, it became an hour I got to hang out with some awesome moms! Briauna was one those moms! We really just hit it off, and our girls loved each other! Sadly after we began to get close, Briauna got amazing news (for her) that they would be relocating to SCOTLAND! How exciting! We were all thrilled for her, but saddened that we would be loosing an awesome friend. Though we were only able to hang out a few times before they left, they were fun times! I was extremely touched when she asked me to take their extended family pictures before they headed off on their new adventure in life. I'm glad I was able to catch some amazing photographs for them to take with them, and for their family here to have as well. Briauna, we all miss you and the girls so much! Hope you are settling in great over there! XoXo