Baby Jackson

I've been so busy I have been forgetting to blog!! So I'll be playing catch up these next few weeks!!

This beautiful family welcomed their first child into the world this summer. Meet baby Jackson. He is just the sweetest thing. Jackson was born via c-section a little early and had to spend sometime in the NICU (which I know first hand is heartbreaking for every mother). Heather couldn’t see her son right away, so Dad spent every moment in the NICU with him until mom could go see him. Dad and Jackson really bonded over one particular song that seemed to really calm him down while in NICU. That song was Darius Rucker’s, Wagon Wheel. They put it on when we were in the middle of their session. Dad held him and sang him this song. I’ve never seen a father and son bond like I did that day. It just melted my heart.

This amazing session was just published in an amazing blog. In case you missed it, check it out here:

I loved every moment of this session and this family. The love they had for each other is just indescribable!