Getting my blog together!

If it wasn't known before, it'll be known now....I'm a terrible blogger. I mean just horrible! It is really a goal of mine to step it up this year (I really don't think I'm doing too well at that so far but as of now I am going to step it up). This week I will blog everyday. It may be a personal blog, it may be of a recent session or a session I never blogged from months ago. Either way it will be a week full of blogging! So get ready!

I really am stoked it is getting warmer outside. My girls love to play outside. They would live outside if I let them. It's important to me that I remember to capture these moments in my own life, because as we all know our littles grow up too fast. So fast, at times you sit back and wonder if you missed out on how little they were the day before. Their personalities shines through a little more each day, Today I am really thankful for a good friend of mine, and fellow photographer Lexi Green (Ninja + Sox Photography check her out she is sweet as pie and puts these awesome projects together). We are in a group with several other photographers doing a 7 for 7 challenge. 7 photographs a day for 7 days. It's really nice because on top of work it pushes me to go the extra mile and after Im done working for the day I work on my own personal project. I love it because not only do I get to take pictures of my littles and their everyday life, but I get to practice my creative side and find more ways I can use my new found creativity each day in my work for my clients. So here is day 1. My little loves rocking their outside life!