Thanksgiving Baby!

I must say smash cake sessions are one of the cutest things ever! A baby who gets a cake all to themselves! All the different emotions that show in this type of session are really just the best.

It always starts with a bit of confusion. The child usually isn't sure if this is a trick, and they will be scolded if they attack the cake full force or if it's for real and they can dig in and eat the whole cake and it is what they are suppose to actually be doing. I love it because a baby's face doesn`'t lie. You can see the confusion set in as they try to comprehend the situation and what is really happening.

Then they taste it. Still unsure what is going on, they go in for a taste and start to pick at it. Waiting to see what happens next.

Then without hesitation, they dive in. It's everywhere. It's like the cake just exploded. It's in their hair, they have fists fulls of cake, icing smeared all over themselves and could not be any more excited. Smiles galore. Complete and utter satisfaction.

Then comes the crash. It doesn't take long to get here. They realize they are full of cake and kind of tired all of sudden. I'm mean really, who doesn't feel like that after they just ate fists full of cake.

This little turkey though happens to be one of my favorites. I mean seriously can she get any cuter!!!????