Beeyond the Hive..

Last year my oldest daughter started her first year of preschool. Little did I know that not only would she make new friends, but so would I. It all started with this conversation with my daughter:

My daughter kept pointing at this boy and saying "That's Boy, That's boy".

I said "Maddie, I'm sure that boy has a name, do you remember it"?

She said "Yes Mommy, That's Boy"!

Sure enough his sweet mama smiled at me and I asked her what his name was. It was Boyd. Maddie knew his name the whole time, I just wasn't hearing it correctly haha

After a few weeks, a couple of us moms started to get together and grab coffee during the short 3 hours preschool was in session. Each week, we grew to know each other a little better then the week before. This is where I met Jacy. Jacy is from a long line of beekeepers, all starting from here in Colorado. It's really amazing what decades worth of beekeeping has brought to her and her whole family. They truly run an amazing, heartfelt family business. She is full of such passion, charisma and had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met.

Now I am happy to say she is one of my dearest friends.

 I also had the pleasure of photographing some amazing new products she is adding to her shop: HOODIES! If you know me, you know there is not much I love more then hoodies and fall attire (except for my family, and coffee)! I mean seriously, I love rainy cold summer days for the main reason being that I can wear hoodies <3

Not only does she have AMAZING honey (So many different choices, I may have like 5 different flavors right now, don't judge), she also has lotions and honey melt scents, candles, and more. I mean really just check it out because it's local and it's the bees knees (see what I did there)? 

Love ya Girl!

check out some amazing honey and accessories here: