This session, this story, this love....

Danielle found me through instagram and sent me an email about an upcoming trip she was going to be taking to Colorado with her boyfriend Josh and their son Phoenix.

Little did she know that Josh was planning a big surprise. I received a call from him a few weeks before their session and he let me in on his big plan to pop to question! I was so excited to capture this amazing moment in their lives for them.

While I was emailing back and forth with Danielle about location choices, I was trying to find a great spot (secretly knowing what would happen) that would be an amazing place they could visit time and time again, and their boys would be able to visit too when they were older. Pretty sure we found the perfect spot!

The week of their session I was slightly nervous as the weather was (well typical Colorado weather) calling for rain/snow on the day of their session. As luck would have it, it all worked out perfectly (Whoo hoo 55 degrees)! It did manage to be 10 degrees colder in Denver and started snowing on my drive home. Talk about perfect timing!

When Danielle and Josh pulled up, she started to get Phoenix up and dressed.  While distracted with little man,  Josh discretely managed to hand off "the box" so I could keep it in my bag until it was time.

A little ways through their session I asked for Danielle and Josh to turn around. I asked them to think about a quality that the other had that they wish that their boys would inherit, and when I ask them to turn around to tell the other what that quality was. I quickly scooped "the box" out of my bag for a quick and smooth hand off.

Unknowingly to Danielle she would turn around to Josh on one knee. She was totally surprised. Looking back on the photographs you could feel their rush of excitement, joy, happiness, and love all at once.

Josh then informed us afterwards he thought he had lost the ring at one point because he had to hide it in his jacket that he packed in his suitcase. When unpacking he checked the wrong pocket and panicked that he had lost the ring. Which resulted in him tossing around all his clothes. Luckily he just put it in the other pocket. Nothing like a good way to scare yourself after you've flown across country with big plans.

I can hands down say this was one of my favorite sessions. The love, the laughter, the memories that were created this day are forever. In their hearts and in photographs.

Thank you for allowing me to capture this beautiful moment in your lives. One you and your boys can look back on together.

Here's to February 15th, 2018