Sweet Baby Ella

Sweet Ella was welcomed into the world this January into one of the most loving families I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Making them a family of four <3

Her sweet mama, Eboniece, pieced together one of the most elegant nurseries I have come across. From the pink patterned wallpaper, beautiful chandelier, right down to the cast iron crib (which I am obsessed with).

Sweet baby girl

This sweet little girl just turned 6 months! I can't believe it! (yes, I am that behind on blogging)!  But since I just saw this beautiful family yesterday I felt the need to come home and blog her newborn session. I always get super excited to see each phase of the babies of my grow with me package. I cant wait to see her again for 9 months. It is so crazy how fast they grow and change! Each passing day, they get just a little bit older...