A Farewell to Colorado

I met Crystal about 2.5 years ago. Our family was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado and I had the pleasure to meet an AMAZING group of moms whom I have built some great friendships with. When you are a military family, these friends are not just friends, they become your family. Crystal happened to be one of those awesome moms! When I met her, she only had her oldest, Ben. Ben is such a smart, sweet, boy! I remember we were at a BBQ when Crystal said she was pregnant, and that there was a really good chance she could have twins, and oh boy was she correct!  Then there came Alexander and Zoe! Sweet, spunky, energetic twins! I photographed their first family session as a new family, and then the twins smash cake for their first birthday, and even Ben's 3rd birthday! I feel so honored they chose me to capture all of these important moments for their family! Hope you are settling in back home. Colorado misses you!


Summer came in with a bang over here! But it also came with a whole ton of cuteness! It’s crazy how we only get 18 summers with our littles. Insane!! To think we are almost half way through that with our oldest 😭!

I keep reminding myself to slow down, take it all in. Because it’s going faster then I ever imagined!