Life on the Homefront...

No one and nothing can really prepare you for the questions or stories your child will ask you

We are 6 years into this parenting gig. I feel like we recently just graduated from baby hood and are new into this whole new childhood phase aka kids 5-11 or grade school age. 

Even as a parent of 3…we only have really lived in the baby stage. Like we are held responsible for our kids being responsible…That’s a whole lot of responsibility happening over here haha

Our 6 year old just lost her first tooth…nothing could have prepared me for the millions of incoming questions I was going to get. 

“Mom, how does the tooth fairy know you lost a tooth”. Maddie asked.

This is a question you should invest time in answering before your child reaches this age. So you don’t answer the next several questions like I did…


“Umm… she has a scanner”. I replied. 


“Do they scan each house”? She asked.


“Yep” I said very unsure of what the next question would be. 


“Where do they live that they can do that”? “Do they live in space”? She asked extremely excited. 

Me pausing and thinking about the crazy ass stories I’m now feeding into my Child's memories .


“Yep…they live in outer space. Isn’t that awesome”! I replied 


“What happens if I see her? How big is she”?


“She is small like a bug, you won’t see her she is too tiny. You wouldn’t even know she was there”. I said.


“So she’s like a lighting bug. She glows because she has her lantern so she can see? She replied. 


“Yep, exactly. She looks like a lighting bug”! I said. 


The questions then continued…


“Where do I put my tooth? Do I put it under my pillow or in my pillow case”? 


I replied “You put it under pillow”.


That was probably the easiest question I had to answer today. 


Then we moved onto the “Well what will the tooth fairy bring me”? 


This folks is a HUGE questions. 

Unfortunately  we don’t live in the day and age where one quarter will do the trick. No one gets excited for 25 cents. Pretty sure my kid would opt to keep her tooth instead. My kids probably find this on our floor daily from opening their own piggy banks constantly and loosing all their hard earned money.

Not when, Joe Schmoe in her kindergarten class has an over achieving “Tooth Fairy” who left him $50 in exchange for his first tooth 

(insert tired mom eye roll here).


Listen sweet child, I love you dearly but THAT tooth fairy sure as hell won’t visit this house. Our tooth fairy will probably trade you a nice $2 bill (that someone else gave us but luckily no one notices these things yet so I can regift them their own money). Pretty sure the tooth fairy maxes out at $3 a tooth. Probably even $1 because she usually doesn’t have her life together.


 In the car, she asks if when we get home, if her dad and I can go to bed right when we get home. 


“Honey, pretty sure you have to be the one sleeping for the tooth fairy to come”. 


Insert 6 year old eye roll here. 


That everyone is the day of the tooth fairy. Wish us luck  haha


Enjoy some pictures from our crazy summer time fun <3