Goodbye 2015.....Hello 2016

As this year quickly drew to an end I realized there were so many things I wanted to do differently in the new year. This year was a great year for myself, my family, and my growing business.
In 2015 we bought our first home, the girls turned 1 and 3, our oldest started preschool, my husband took a new job, I made some amazing new friends while even catching up with a few old ones, and my business really blossomed. 2015 was filled with MANY great things!

One thing I really noticed that I missed too often in 2015 is..... I didn't take enough photographs of my own family. Yes, we had our family pictures done, but I am referring more to just capturing those special moments when we are sitting home on a lazy Friday, doing crafts and catching up on house work together, while singing mother goose songs all morning.

So today I did just that.

Our day started off by sleeping in late (it is winter break and all). After breakfast, Maddie decided she wanted to write a letter to her BFF who moved to FL a few months back. She asked for a card (sorry all I have are birthday cards), an envelope and a stamp. She was so excited to try and write his name and drew a picture of the two of them! She was so excited she had to bring it to the mail box ASAP!

After we played with some play-doh. We play this game where we pick a color, and then we try and guess what the other person made (it has to be some thing that is he same color as the play-doh you have). After, we just combine all the colors and make a big ball of all the colors!!

2016 I want to get more personal. I want my clients to not just be clients, but friends. It's important, because I want you all to feel comfortable around me, and that means knowing more about me! If you don't already know, my girls are co-sleepers (so it was huge this year when my three year old asked for her own bed for her room from Santa). Nap time (if it happens while we aren't in the car) usually involves a nap for Baby May and some Mommy/Maddie time!

Another thing that I realized today was that I wasn't taking pictures because of silly things like there was a mess, or folded laundry on the stairs, or thanks to my one year old, the daily trail of toilet paper trailing down the stairs. Then it dawned on me, I am out numbered during the day, and to me personally, a trail of toilet paper and a happy toddler wasn't the worst thing that was going to happen to me. I pick my battles, and that isn't one of them, and that's OKAY! So this year, I'm going to learn to EMBRACE the mess, the laughter, and the happiness of my children. Soon they will be grown and I won't have laundry folded on my stairs or dirty laundry piling up down stairs. So it's okay to capture stuff I still have to do, while still capturing my kids being kids, because in 15 years I won't be looking at the bin of Christmas decorations that need to be put away in the background, Ill be looking at the happiness in my children's faces while they stack their magna tiles to the ceiling and then knock them down in a crazy, silly rampage. That will be the memory I am really looking back on.

So this year, you'll learn more about me. Maybe you'll find you have something in common with me that you didn't know before. Maybe you won't. Either way you will get to know me, as a photographer, and a friend. I'll be blogging more, about a lot of things, not just work. To me that is important. I am more then just a photographer, I am a mother, a wife, and a friend. So keep up with me this year, see what new adventure come along, what amazing people I meet and work with, and what I do on a normal day to day basis. This year for me, is a year of documenting everything!

Today, as I said, was crazy (after nap especially). It was filled with crafts, smiles, tears, and cuddles. Each day will be different and I don't want to miss the every day moments, because honestly those are the best.

Hi, I'm Candice, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a photographer. Bring it on 2016!