On most days the one word I hear repeatedly is "no".  Are you ready for breakfast? "No". Would you like blueberries? " No". Are you finished? "no". It is a very common word for my 15 month old. I've tried to teach her "yes" and when the word "yes" should be used, but she just replies with "no". Regardless of her 15 month old vocabulary, this is one of my favorite ages. They are learning to talk, and communicate and even when they are being "sassy" they are just testing the waters with words and their meanings at this age. My 15 month old is spunky, sassy, lovable, funny, sensitive, and a mama's girl. So it is really special to capture moments like the one below. She loves him, and they have the cutest bond in the world. Even though she is sassy and tells us "no" a lot, you can't hold it against her with a smile like that!