(Maylene) Almost 6 months!

It's official! My littlest is growing up faster then I could ever imagine. She's a little sweet, a little sassy, and ready to be on the move! The time goes way too fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were in the hospital, getting ready to become a family of four. I just can't get over that my baby is getting so big. Sometimes I wish they could just stay this age forever. I then however change my mind by the end of the day! It is crazy how fast it goes the second time around. You become a lot busier with two (dividing yourself and attention) rather then just having to focus on one all the time. Then before you know it, BOOM they are 6 months old and becoming a little person who will start to do things on their own and learn about the big wide world. I should also mention I have TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE baby fever! So please everyone have those cute, squishy, chubby babies and let me take pictures of them, because I'm sure my husband is not wanting baby number 3 just yet! Happy Almost 6 months sweet baby May.