Baby Allison

What's better then a new baby? I'm not sure, because as a mother myself I'd say this is near the top of the list (at least for me)! From those itty bitty toes, to their tiny little noses. They come into this world so little and grow up way too fast. Enjoy every moment, especially when they wake up at 2am (and 3am and 4am)  just to eat, because each day they will become just a teeny bit bigger and come one day will no longer need those night feedings you have become so used to. They will be crawling, running, and talking before you know it! So adore those chubby baby thighs and squeeze those cute baby cheeks every chance you get!

I had the pleasure of taking this beautiful little lady's newborn pictures. We even captured some  moments of the whole family, and a few of just baby with mom and dad too. Congratulations on your newest addition! She is just precious.

By the way, this little ones mom makes awesome custom dresses, shirts, bow ties and the most beautiful headbands/hair clips! check out her page.