Life <3

I literally can't believe that I haven't written a blog since September!! Ahhh total FAIL!!! In all fairness there has been a lot going on. SOOOOOO it's time to play catch up!

As most of you know, Fall is my busiest time, along with every other photographer out there. This fall though we also had a few extra surprises!

As some of you saw my post last night, we are expecting baby number 3 in May! Surprise! We are super excited, but this mama is also super sleepy!!! It was extra tough for me to fight my first trimester sleepiness and nausea (and forgetfulness, sorry if I took a little longer to respond to emails) especially during busy season! Luckily I made it through, and I am feeling SOOOOO much better now yay!!

So today I thought I'd just write this post on my fun, silly life lately! Today was extra fun for us! My oldest daughter had her first ballet recital!! She was AMAZING! She is my sweet, courageous one, and I couldn't be more proud. She was so excited to get up and dance on stage for the first time today. She wasn't even nervous (she doesn't get that from me, I'll tell you that)! Any who here is some cuteness from our day today! <3 Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday seasons! I'll be playing catch up on blogs and hopefully posting WAY MORE!