It's official! We've hit over 1000+ followers!!!! Giveaway Time!

Well, after 2 years in the business, lots of up and downs and "Maybe I should just quit". Here I am! Thriving, and loving what I do more then ever. Over the past few years I cant believe how far I have come. And the best part is I didn't do it alone. I had all of you! My amazing clients, my family, my friends, and even other photographers who helped me grow and find my passion and mix it with my artistic visions.

I'm so thrilled to be where I am. I'm excited that I am able to give you all such beautiful images of you and your families for you to keep and cherish forever. Kids grow so fast (I should know I have two sweet girls of my own). As a mother I love looking back and remembering those little toes, and silly faces that make them who they are. It all goes by way too fast. You don't want to forget those moments of cuddles and snuggles and I love yous. So I am giving away my top package. $400 package on location at sunset with 50+ edited images. I love each and every one of you for supporting me on this amazing journey. I would not be where I am now with out you all!  THANK YOU <3

This session will take place in Colorado <3

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