The Trenches of Parenthood....

This is it, this picture right here. The good, the bad, the funny, the real, the raw, but mostly the LOVE.

This is Kristin and her AMAZINGLY, beautiful family. I had the pleasure of capturing these sweet moments for them a few weeks back. Her session really hit home for me. This is my life right now at home. This first image here sums it right up. The best part about it, that Kristin and her hubby embrace all this sweet craziness. These are the moments. The moments that seem crazy but really just go by crazy fast. Then you soon realize you wish they could be this size forever.

I know these days are the best and worst days. The best because they need you, they want your help, they want to show you everything. Yet some days that sometimes also feels like the worst.  Like if I hear someone say "mom" one more time, I am going to lock my self in the bathroom with a pint of ice cream and stay put for the next hour.

Most days I have to remind myself that these days wont last, it wont be this hard forever. The hardest because I am trying my best to  raise 3 kids and trying to teach them to be helpful, honest, kind, respectful human beings while also trying to keep my own shit together (sorry not sorry). And well, truth is, it's hard! Some days I question if I really have any idea at all what I am doing. Then I see my kids in action, being kind, sharing, being those amazing human beings who will grown up and actually be great loving, caring adults. That's when I know I am doing something right. If my kids learn anything in life, I hope it's the fact they know that doing the right thing, is never wrong no matter what anyone says. Love with your whole heart every time. Have big dreams, and know it's okay to fail as long as you try and then try again. Never give up.

Take a step back each day and just embrace the crazy, because soon this sweet crazy will be 12, then 16, then 21 and you'll wish you would have just stopped to smell the roses instead of rushed to do all the chores <3