Moms <3 These are for you <3

I did Mother Day Minis this year, and I can say I will probably do them again every year. As a mother myself I feel like moms are not in as many pictures as they should be. We are usually the ones behind the camera capturing their every milestone we can, t-ball games, dance recitals, blowing out their birthday candles on their birthday and trying to document every moment we can because it all just goes by so fast.

I know I wish I was in more pictures with my kids when they were babies/toddlers, but for me after all those breakfast pastries, tamales, and well, noodles (because it was the only thing to subside the nausea for the first 3 months) I didn't feel and look my best after each of my daughters were born. I gained a ton of weight (80lbs with my first.....) So for me the last place I wanted to be was in front of the camera.

What I learned when our youngest was born a few months ago was that I had even less time then before. Most days I have a messy bun and whatever sweater I can find that I actually washed that doesn't smell like a baby spit up on it. And that's fine, I'll gladly take every picture like this as long as they feel loved, and happy that's what matters <3

So get in there, get in as many pictures as you can. Even if you have been scrubbing/cleaning your house for the past 4 hours and your in old sweatpants with holes, and all your hair is in a crazy messy bun. No one is going to care in 20 years when you are all looking back at the images when your kids were young. What they will remember is their mom, the one who busted her ass (sorry, not sorry), to keep the house clean, take them to the activities, to make breakfast, lunch and dinner, who tucked them into bed and read them 3 stories even though you said to pick one. That's what they will remember. <3

And then when you can, get dressed up, take the time to do ALL your make up, brush your hair after you shower and even straighten it or curl it. Put on that really cute shirt that makes you feel amazing, that you haven't worn all year because it is dry clean only and you know someone is going to touch you with gross strawberry hands from breakfast, and we all know red stains so you usually always pass over it in your closet. Then get out in front of a camera with your babies <3 Because that picture, that picture is for you! Because all you moms rock <3

So next year, do this for you. You've earned it and you deserve it!

Happy Late Mother's Day <3