Hey Guys, what's up, I forgot how to blog... haha

Oh my gosh you guys! This year has been a little crazier then normal for me. And so, blogging these amazing sessions with my amazing clients has been on the back burner. With a new baby in tow, I've been living off coffee and what's left of my sanity until school is back in session whoop whoop Im excited haha!!! Tonight it felt right to get something on the blog, and my goal is to back log and blog all my BEAUTIFUL session from the last 6 months!!

I cant tell you how many beautiful babies came into the world this year, and I had the pleasure of capturing them!! I love me some cute, sleepy, chubby newborns!! And all the new families I've met this year <3

So I thought I'd start off my "getting back into blogging" blog with our silly, crazy fun summer and our family.

We've been enjoying water balloon fights, mutton bustin, rodeos, rebuilding a 1995 Subaru, finding homes for the puppies my husband brought home because he thought we needed a puppy and a 7 week old at the same time,  and basically surviving in our new element as a family of 5. It's been a pretty rad, and unforgettable summer. FALL HERE WE COME!